Taison Horticulture


You can trust us to guarantee the longevity and beauty of your plants and landscape
through our unbeatable maintenance services.

How does  Maintenance work?

Our team provides comprehensive and scheduled maintenance services to ensure a healthy and visually appealing landscape. From trimming and fertilization to pest management and beyond, our skilled professionals can handle all outdoor and indoor maintenance needs. With our attentive approach, we aim to enhance the value of your property. Let us help you achieve the perfect outdoor space.

Our  Maintenance Process

Call out

We assess plants, soil, and water to provide tailored services. Choose virtual or physical evaluation, with the latter incurring call-out fees. We recommend physical evaluation for accuracy.

Site Evaluation

We will evaluate your site after the callout and create a maintenance plan that is tailored to your specific home or office needs.


Maintenance cannot begin until the issues identified during the site evaluation are addressed. This is a mandatory step, which may involve plant replacement, repositioning, repair or other actions.


We'll start maintenance once all corrections have been made and we've agreed upon a maintenance schedule and payment plan.

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