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The Philodendron has been known to most people for years and is also very popular. This is especially true for the Monstera, also called the Hole Plant. They are known for their huge leaves with bright colors. The Philodendron is also very popular because they are very air-purifying plants. Furthermore, the plant is not difficult to care for. It doesn’t mind if it doesn’t get water once and she doesn’t need much light. In short, the ideal plant to leave a fresh and green impression inside the house!



The Philodendron can function well with less light in the shade and requires absolutely no direct sunlight. Be sure to avoid this. When the plant catches direct sunlight, the leaves will discolour and this reduces the ornamental value. A spot 3 meters from a window on the north is fine. You can choose to place the plant on the east or west. Then take a distance of 4 meters. For the south, the distance is about 5 to 6 meters.


It is recommended to water this plant more regularly in smaller quantities. The soil should remain moist, but there should not be too much water in the soil.


For each species an occasional spray is certainly not wrong, and this is especially true for the climbing species. Spray the Philodendron once a week with some lukewarm water. Spraying ensures a higher ornamental value and prevents vermin. 


You can choose to repot the Philodendron immediately after purchase, but preferably in the spring, so that the plant can recover from any damage. Repot the plant every year or when the pot is getting too small. For older plants it is not recommended to repot much more. In return, you can choose to only add some fresh soil every year. 


In the growth period it is important to give extra nutrition. Give the plant a dash of extra nutrition once a week. Read the packaging before dosing. 


The Philodendron belongs to the Aronskelk family and comes from South America and the Caribbean. The name comes from Greek and means ‘love’ or ‘affection’. Literally translated it is ‘love for the tree’. They are mainly climbing plants, which is why you will see them climbing around other trees in South America.



The Philodendron does not suffer much from pests in general. This is mainly due to the harder leaves the plant has. Pests do not like this. Spray the plant to be sure to prevent vermin. If the plant does suffer from different kinds of aphids, it is advisable to try to spray it first and when it is necessary to buy a biological or chemical pesticide.