Taison Horticulture


The leaves of this almost silver-colored plant remind us of stars. The green margin of the leaves seems to give light and that together makes the name ‘Bright Star’ enough to give recognition to this newcomer. 

And how beautiful it grows! In all our pot sizes the plants remain compact and make the plant bigger and fuller.

Just like Centella, Murdannia is often used in traditional medicine to increase the overall resistance.


Murdannia loriformus likes a little sun, but not direct sunlight. This is why it is best to place the plant in the semi-shade. Direct sunlight is bad for the plant. For example, place it a few meters from a window on the west or east, or a little further in front of a window on the south.



Murdannia loriformus has been used as a source of healing in China for centuries. Nowadays this is also often done in Asia. 


If the Murdannia loriformus suffers from vermin, it is important that you control it as soon as possible with a biological or if desired a chemical pesticide.