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A wide variety of orchids can be found at FloraStore. Here you will find our changing selection of exceptional orchids such as the Howeara, Cambria, Miltonia, Bletilla straita, Spiranthus, Cypripedium, Masdevallia, Catlya, Oncidium, Zygopetalum, Brassia and Eulophia. All top quality from our regular supplier for these individual varieties.

Honor to whom honor is due: within the Orchidaceae family, Phalaenopsis is the absolute pioneer, who introduced the general public to the exotic beauty of orchids. However, this plant family has many more beautiful flowering bulbs, just as easy to handle and just as charismatic. And those exclusive undiscovered treasures deserve to be better known, if only because they fit so well in the current trend of living with a little mystery and supernatural beautiful forms. 



Make sure your orchid is in as bright a spot as possible, without direct sunlight on the plant. Direct sunlight can burn the plant, so avoid this. Do not place the orchid in a draughty spot either, this is not something the plant can handle very well.

The biggest misunderstanding is that the orchid is difficult to care for. It is just that easy! With a little extra attention, almost all orchids flower several times a year. And of course, the thousands of different orchid species do not all shine with the same care. Nevertheless, some general tips make most orchids happy. With the guidelines below, you’ve come a long way. Ask at purchase if there are any specific tips!


Orchids love:

  • a well-lit spot
    room temperatures of min. 15 to max. 25° C
  • feed 1x per month


Orchids don’t like:

  • Water logging / Overly
  • Damp Soil 
  • Direct Sun

Tips for watering

An orchid likes it once a week for a short time
(5-10 minutes) into the water with the clay.
After dipping, the water must leak out.
Exclusive orchids love moderate water: once a month.

Orchids are herbaceous, perennial plants and are found in the wild almost everywhere in the world, both in warmer and cooler regions, although 85% come from the tropics and subtropics. The flower of an orchid is easy to distinguish from other flowers. It consists of three sepals and three petals. The middle petal is different in shape, somewhat larger, and is called the lip. This lip is a kind of platform for insects to easily reach the center of the flower. In the center is the pollen lump also called stamp. All plants in the orchid family always have the same flower structure.



The orchid may have to deal with mealy bugs. This can be prevented by regular watering of the plant. If it does occur that the orchid suffers from it, it is advisable to buy a biological or if desired a chemical pesticide as soon as possible.