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The Polyscias, also known as the Aralia, is a plant with real character. The plant has a special appearance but on the other hand it needs just enough water and may not be moved. The rough stem of the plant gives every room a real jungle feeling. However, some knowledge is needed for this plant to be well cared for.


The Polyscias belongs to a special species, as the plant can grow well in the shade. It is actually the ideal plant for houses where there are few windows and therefore little light enters. Just make sure the plant is not too dark. This causes slower growth and leaf loss. The plant should not only be in the shade, it is also good to occasionally give some direct sunlight. It is not recommended to place the plant in a draughty place, as it is susceptible to diseases.



Spray the Polyscias regularly to increase the humidity. If this is not done, the leaves may discolor and also keeps the pests away. Spray the plant 1 or 2 times a week with lukewarm water.


It is important that the Polyscias retain a moist soil in summer. It is therefore advisable to water regularly. It is easy to check whether the soil is still moist by simply putting a finger into the soil. Make sure that the plant is not constantly under water. The roots cannot handle this and they will rot. When there is less light and the plant grows less fast, less water is needed.  


Repot the plant after about 2 years. The plant will then be too big for the pot and the roots will need more space again. Always make sure you repot in the spring, so that the plant can recover from any damage. A larger pot will not only provide more space, but also a larger water buffer so that the plant will be less likely to stand without water. Use a pot that is at least 20% wider and use universal potting soil.


The Polyscias generally does not need much extra power. If you still want to give extra food, do this in the summer when the plant is in the growth phase. 


The Polyscias, also known as Aralia, occurs naturally on islands in the Pacific Ocean, Africa, Asia and Central America. The plant is found on different continents and therefore there is a real difference in species. A Polyscias is a characteristic tree that likes to stand in a shady spot and needs little water. Polyscias literally means “lots of shade” in Greek. This houseplant has the property that leaves grow over the entire branch. Leaves of a Polyscias are green, white or yellow and have a round or heart-shaped appearance. This houseplant is highly recommended for the dark spot in your room or office.


The Polyscias is sensitive to spider mites, aphids and scale insects. If the soil gets too little nutrients and is dry, spider mites can occur. Use a plant sprayer to wet the plant regularly to prevent pests and diseases. If this does not help, biological or chemical pesticides are another option. Does the plant get white spots on the leaves? This means that the water contains too much calcium. It is therefore best to use rainwater or at least water that is low in calcium.