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The Monstera is a climbing plant with unique leaves. It is a very easy to care for plant as it is very h4. It is a real eye catcher in every room and therefore very popular. It is also very popular in the fashion and art world. The Monstera is also very air-purifying.


The Monstera does not attach much importance to the site. Just make sure that the plant is not in direct sunlight. Direct sunlight causes yellow leaves and therefore a decrease in ornamental value. Place it in the semi-shade, for example a spot a few meters from a window on the south. The plant can also be placed in a place on the north in front of the window and in the east or west it is also wise to take a few metres distance.


Since the Monstera comes from the tropical rainforest, it is important to try to imitate this climate in the living room. This means that the plant will have to be in a constant moist soil. Do not leave too much water in the pot, this will provide a layer of water on the bottom which can cause root rot.


The Monstera is a fast growing plant that can flower, but needs a lot of nutrients to do so. Extra nutrition is therefore not an unnecessary luxury for this plant. Give the plant extra plant nutrition once every 2 weeks in the summer months and the chance of flowers will be greatly increased. Pokon green plant food is recommended for the Monstera.


The Monstera is used to a tropical rainforest, so it also needs a high humidity. By regularly spraying the plant with water you make sure that vermin stays away and the ornamental value of the plant will increase.


Repot the Monstera every 2 years. This gives the roots enough space to grow what is good for the plant. Always make sure you have a slightly larger pot than the old one and always repot in the spring, so that the plant can recover from any damage when repotting.


It is hard to say where the Monstera started, as different species of the Monstera have been found at different places and times in history. They all come from the tropical rainforest and therefore need similar care. The Hoya Carnosa is one of the most popular Monstera and comes from Southeast Asia, but they are also found in for example Panama and Mexico. The Monstera belongs to the family arum-like animals.


The Monstera is a very h4 plant but also here pests can occur. For example, the plant can suffer from spider mites. However, this is not common and especially not if you spray the plant regularly and take good care of it. If it does occur, it is wise to intervene as soon as possible with a biological or if desired a chemical pesticide.


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