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In China, Lucky Bamboo has a deep spiritual meaning. Double Luck Bamboo is seen as a bringer of happiness, and is often given as a gift. According to Feng Shui leather, positive energy is released into the living environment by Lucky Bamboo.


The Lucky Bamboo enjoys the most in a spot in the half shade. The plant wants some light, but no direct sunlight. Direct sunlight will cause discoloration of the leaves and thus decrease the ornamental value. As an example, a spot near a window on the north would be a good way out.

Lucky Bamboo care

Like all Dracaenas, the Dracaena sanderiana to which the Lucky Bamboo belongs can only be used as an indoor plant. The stems are put in water. If necessary, some gravel, marbles or other decorative material can be added to the bottom of the pot or vase, to make it heavier or to keep the stems in place. This water should be refreshed every two weeks, or refilled weekly.

Feeding or fertilizing is not necessary and is more counterproductive, as it affects the salt content of the water. On water the stems last a few weeks or months, sometimes even years. The Lucky bamboo can also be potted, but that is not necessary. If it is potted, it must be done in a potting soil mixture that can contain a lot of water. If they are in the soil, you can fertilize very carefully. First dissolve the plant food in water and pour it over the soil. The stems prefer a light place in the room, without direct sunlight.

The temperature should be between 15 and 25 degrees Celsius, even warmer is also allowed. Spraying with water is allowed, but not necessary. Dusting or cleaning: put the plant in a mild summer shower for a while, and then quickly bring it back in again. The shape of the stems can be influenced by using gravity and the fact that they grow towards direct light sources. If the Lucky Bamboo becomes too high, it can be cut off. The trunk will no longer grow. However, it can react to pruning by developing leaf shoots on the trunk just below the cut.


Lucky Bamboo is exported worldwide and widely cultivated in China and Taiwan. Originally the plant comes from Cameroon. 


If the Lucky Bamboo is placed in direct sunlight, the leaves may turn yellow. Put the plant in more shade when this occurs. The plant can also suffer from spider mites, mealy bugs or scale insects. If this is the case, make sure you use a pesticide to solve the problem.

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