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The Livistona may not be the largest inner palm, but it is the most graceful of all. The large fan-shaped leaves make this plant one of the most elegant of its kind. New leaves are constantly being produced from the heart. The plant is available between 30 centimeters and 2 meters. 


The Livistona does best in a spot in the half shade. The plant wants enough light, but no direct sunlight. Direct sunlight reduces the ornamental value. A spot a few meters from a window facing south is fine and a little closer to a window facing east or west.


Since the Livistona originates from the tropical rainforest, the plant has a great need for water. The Livistona does not want dry soil, but also no low water on the bottom of the pot. This layer of water can cause root rot and the plant does not want that either. Make sure that the soil always remains moist but does not get too wet. Be careful with water from the tap. Lime doesn’t like the plant very much either. It is therefore best to use rainwater or other lime-poor water.

Leaf fall

It is natural that after a while leaf fall will occur. As long as there is a new leaf in its place there is no reason to worry. 


You can choose to give some extra nutrition during the summer months. Do this only in the summer and preferably use a little less than the indicated dosage. 


The Livistona originates from the subtropical and tropical rainforests of Australia and Asia. 


In general, Livistona is not very susceptible to diseases. If the plant does suffer from it, it is important to immediately combat it with a biological or if desired a chemical pesticide.

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