Taison Horticulture


The Crossandra originates in India, Malaysia, Sri Lanka and Madagascar. The plant is mainly used in India to perform different traditions. The flowers are used for its decoration. The strong, non-scented flowers are very popular because of their bright color and good durability.

Our grower has developed a unique variety of Crossandra through selection that is stronger than the existing varieties. In addition, the flowers are more intense in colour and the leaves shine even more. We have called this variety Crossandra Fortuna.


The Crossandra generally likes enough light, but not too much. Do not put the Crossandra in direct sunlight, this can be bad for the plant. A spot in the semi-shade is ideal.




The flowering period of the Crossandra begins in spring and ends in autumn. To keep the plant looking beautiful it is advisable to remove dead flowers regularly. The plant loves sunlight but try to avoid the plant getting into full sunlight. The plant requires regular humidification.


The Crossandra belongs to the family Acanthaceae. The Crossandra consists of about 50 species, all of which come from subtropical regions such as Southeast Asia, Africa, India and Madagascar.


If the Crossandra suffers from pests, it is recommended to control them immediately by means of a biological or if desired a chemical pesticide. Water the Crossandra regularly to prevent pests in the first instance.