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The Cordyline is a plant that has been used more and more as an indoor plant in recent years. The plant is found in several varieties. For example, they come with green, red and pink leaves. Cordyline is often compared with Dracaena. The difference, however, is in the roots, which have different colours. The leaves also differ slightly because the main vein of the Dracaena is not branched and that of the Cordyline is branched.


It is recommended to place the Cordyline in a place in the half shade. The plant likes light to have, but no direct sunlight. Direct sunlight will cause discoloration of the leaves and decrease the ornamental value.


Make sure that the soil is always moist but never covered with a layer of water. This way the plant will get enough water and the roots will not rot.


Only repot the Cordyline when the plant is getting too big for the pot. This will take about 2/3 years. Always take a pot that is at least 20% wider than the grow pot, so that the roots have enough space.


Originally the Cordyline comes from New Zealand and Australia. The Cordyline belongs to the family Asparagaceae which also includes Dracaena and Yucca.


The Cordyline is by nature a very h4 plant, so it will not easily suffer from diseases and vermin. If pests do occur, make sure you immediately combat them with a biological or if desired a chemical pesticide.