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The Chamaerops palm is the only palm that comes from Europe and it is therefore one of the smaller species. This is why the Chamaerops is also called the European Miniature Palm. Despite its different origins and size, the plant still has the same characteristics as all other palm species. This plant is also hardy and can withstand direct sunlight.


The Chamaerops must get at least 5 hours of direct sunlight per day. Outside in the garden or front of the window are suitable places.


Always make sure that the plant is not placed in dry soil and therefore always keep it moist. But if the plant gets too much water, the roots will drown and the plant doesn’t like that either. To prevent this, you could make a drainage hole so that the excess will drain away. In the summer it is important to water at least once a week and on hot days even more often.


Spraying is not necessary but recommended as pests will occur. Spraying also promotes the ornamental value because the leaves will be nice and clean again.


It is important to give the plant hydro grains and drainage holes when the plant is outside. This ensures that an excess of water will be prevented. Indoors this is not necessary as the roots will not be able to reach the surplus on the soil. Moreover, always repot in the spring so that the plant can recover from any damage.


The Chamaerops, also known as the European Miniature Palm, occurs in Europe, along the coast of the Mediterranean Sea. The plant is also found in the Middle East. The Chamaerops is one of the best-known palms and also the most variable.


The Chamaerops have hard leaves where pests will not settle easily. Moreover, the pests are easy to control with a hard jet of water on the plant to put. The leaves can withstand this well and will not damage it.

Colored leaves

When the leaves of the Chamaerops yellow, it is probably a sign of a shortage of nitrogen. Give the plant some extra plant nutrition but don’t overdose it right away. Brown leaves usually indicate age and can be easily removed.